Have You Ever Seen A Golden Retriever Hopping Like A Bunny?

Have You Ever Seen A Golden Retriever Hopping Like A Bunny?

This adorable golden retriever puppy hopping like a bunny just made my day! This is adorably super cute!

This sweetie steals a slipper and goes hopping right up the stairs as smooth as can be to stash her treasure. She makes it look like she does this all the time!

There is something about puppies navigating stairs that is just adorable. Not all puppies are as smooth as this cutie though. Some seem to have a more difficult time. To set your fur kid up for success, make sure your stairs have some type of carpeting to prevent slipping or sliding around as doggie paws don’t always get as great of traction on slippery surfaces as our feet do.

This cutie’s improvised bunny hop is the sweetest.

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A few tips to keep your fur kids safe around stairs (especially important for puppies and seniors):

  • When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to carry small fur kids up and down stairs (especially breeds like dachshunds who are predisposed to back problems)
  • Larger breed dogs can be helped with a specialized harness to help lift their back end and ease the burden on their hips
  • Ramps can be used in place of stairs in many cases too – from climbing into the car and onto the sofa to making it up your front stairs
  • Consider using baby gates around stairs when you are not around to keep puppies and senior dogs from getting injured

Whatever your situation, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on fur kids around the stairs to make sure they stay safe. This particular golden pup not only stays safe, but she shows us one of the cutest ways to climb the stairs when you’re first learning how!

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Feature Image Source: JustViral

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