Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Dog's Haircut Costs More Than Yours?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Dog's Haircut Costs More Than Yours?

Sending your pup to the groomer for a haircut isn’t usually cheap. Often, it might even cost more than your own haircuts cost.

Does this mean that groomers are paid more than they deserve? Certainly not! Here are three excellent reasons that a pup’s fur trim costs more than a human haircut!

1. There’s much more involved

The hair that you have cut is only on your head. A groomer has to shave and trim a pup’s whole body, which has much more on it than a human head does. On top of that, groomers also trim nails and perform other tasks for your pup. Groomers even have to shave pup’s butts – definitely not something on a hair stylist’s repertoire!

2. You won’t make things difficult for your hair stylist

Pups bite, scratch, squirm, fidget, and can refuse to cooperate during the grooming process. And they might also pee or vomit on their poor groomer, which I certainly hope isn’t something you do to your hair stylist! And all the while, pups who have already been groomed will be sitting and drying in kennels, filling the air with howls and barks of discontent. Yikes!

3. Fur is harder to handle

Between grooming sessions, pups don’t usually have their fur brushed, meaning that’s about two months’ worth of tangles and mats in there. And when it’s time to blow dry fur, a groomer will be faced with a whirlwind of fur tufts floating through the air and into their face.

A groomer’s job is a tough one, and they deserve recognition, appreciation, and fair pay for the work that they do. Like and share away, people!

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