Ever Wondered Why Your Dogs Grab Something When They're Excited?

Ever Wondered Why Your Dogs Grab Something When They're Excited?

You can’t deny the fact that dogs love to entertain and remain at the center of attraction! So naturally, when someone knocks on your door, your dog is the first one to show his/her excitement.

If they know the guest, they’ll run to greet them… with something in their mouth! But what’s the reason behind this behavior?

According to Dr. Wailani Sung, your dog grabs something in their mouth when they’re excited because:

  1. They want to offer a gift to the guest,
  2. They’re looking for attention,
  3. They want to show guests just ho happy they are!

Dr. Sung states, “I think some dogs are so excited to see a visitor because it may represent a new person who will play with him/her, so the dog grabs a toy to try to entice the person to play, whether it is tug or throwing the object.

Can you do anything to stop this behavior?

Well, I know my neighbor’s dog rushes to greet me every time I visit him, and in his mouth is my neighbor’s dirty laundry! So of course, sometimes this behavior can leave pet parents embarrassed. Is there something you can do to stop your dog from grabbing something in their mouths?

According to Dr. Sung, the first thing is to make sure that things you don’t want your dog to grab, are out of their reach. And when someone knocks, try to exchange whatever that’s in your dog’s mouth with a toy or a treat.

Dr. Sung adds, “Sometimes people forget and raise their voices or go chasing after their dog and it becomes a game to the dog. Then the next time visitors arrive, the dog remembers how much fun he had last time people arrived and grabbed an item.

If nothing works, Dr. Sung suggests putting your dog in another room with his toys in order to avoid embarrassment!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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