Everyone Ignored This 8 Month Old German Shepherd Mix, Then One Day She Turned Heads!

Everyone Ignored This 8 Month Old German Shepherd Mix, Then One Day She Turned Heads!

This is the story of a German shepherd mix called Penelope, a pup who was found in October 2013 outside a local Los Angeles school. Everyone ignored her and was afraid of her because of her appearance. Then one day her life changed…

Penelope was one of the million abandoned dogs who are left to become stray and homeless. Why? People rationalize many different reasons for abandoning their dogs. Some abandon their dogs because they move. Others do it because their dog becomes ill and they can’t afford treatment. Still others just decide they don’t want the dog anymore and so they turn it loose to fend for itself. One thing we want everyone to know is if you can’t take care of your fur baby for any reason, please don’t abandon them, take them to a shelter instead so that they can be taken care of, kept safe, and ultimately find a new home.

The story of Penelope the German shepherd mix will bring tears to your eyes. Before she was rescued she was suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange. Not only that, her entire body was covered in sores and the poor baby was in so much pain than she should hardly lift her head.

What’s more surprising, Penelope’s rescuers only found out that she was a German shepherd mix after she began recovering and her hair started to grow back in. Prior to that they had no idea what breed she was. It took her rescuers two months to transform this adorable pup into a darling little princess 🙂

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Now you might be wondering, where’s Penelope? Does she have a home yet? Well, great news! Her past is completely behind her and she’s been adopted! She now lives with her new mommy and daddy! She’s very happy and is absolutely loving her new forever home! Take a look at this adorable video and don’t forget to Like and Share this German shepherd’s remarkable transformation with your friends 🙂

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