Experts Are Warning Dog Parents About Harmful Algae Bloom At Zion National Park

Experts Are Warning Dog Parents About Harmful Algae Bloom At Zion National Park

Algal blooms have been a hot topic in recent months. They often result from a change of temperature, nutrient concentrations, water flow changes, and sometimes pollutants caused by humans.

Although not all algae are dangerous, some strains can be potentially lethal. A recent outbreak in Utah has, unfortunately, been toxic. Zion National Park is a popular tourist and community destination. The park provides good walking routes and various water ponds along the way. Early in the month, a pet parent took their devoted dog for a walk in the park. The dog then swam in the water and played around joyfully, snapping at some of the rocks in excitement.

An hour after the swim, this precious pooch became extremely ill and passed away. Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality released a report saying that results had come back showing that this devoted dog had died from toxic algae. It was then stated that the algae in the water was indeed toxic, and it was traced to the north fork of the incoming river. A spokesperson from the Department of Environmental Quality urges all visitors to follow the following precautions:

  • Do not swim in this area
  • To avoid areas of algae scum
  • To please keep animals away (this is especially important to those of us with dogs)
  • Do not drink the river water (not even water passed through a purifier)
  • To clean fish well and discard guts

Harmful algal blooms are reported to be on the rise in Utah, and it is therefore incredibly important to adhere to the advice of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. After all, we would do anything we can to keep ourselves and our canine companions as safe as possible.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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