Experts Claim That Dogs Can Detect Diseases That Kill Trees!

Experts Claim That Dogs Can Detect Diseases That Kill Trees!

The swift deforestation and burning of forests all around the world have been worrying the nation, especially since growing more mature plants takes a lot of time. But can something be done about it?

Well, certain dogs can help with the process; they can help to find diseases living in trees!

Built just because you have a dog with you doesn’t mean that you need to backtrack. More than 300 million trees have died due to laurel after 2011. Laurel is extremely lethal, and it’s even harming a lot of existing plant forms, including avocado yields.

You see, there isn’t any kind of large or mainstream – or even effective! – treatment available to get rid of Laurel. The fungus is fast-growing and can’t be contained, but it has such awful effects on the land. And that’s where dogs come in.

Once trained to trail a certain scent, dogs can easily work on finding any possible diseases or illnesses in a tree that makes it either not worthwhile or quick enough to treat. Run a farm and want to teach your dog to help you discover what trees are diseased? Well, let them at it! Dogs love to work, and as long as you’re training well with lots of praise and treats, they’re likely to be able to tell you about a sick tree in no time.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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