Experts Reveal That Dogs Do Go Through A "Rebellious Teenage Stage!

Ah, the teenage years. Better known as the years of rebellion, raging hormones, and parents wanting to pull out their hair on a daily basis! We have all been through these stages ourselves, if not parented them too.

Even if you do not have human children, you have probably been faced with the scenario of extensive rule-breaking behaviors and changes attention-seeking on multiple occasions. Yes, we are talking about our four-legged children too!

Just like human teens go through their rebellious phases, studies have shown that teenage dogs do too. When researchers tested young pups and teenage dogs, they found the teens were more inclined to disobeying orders and mischievous behaviors. The study also revealed that pups who were exposed to less clingy parenting styles entered puberty at a younger age and were more rebellious compared to those who were highly attached to their parents.

This result has also been seen in humans, a common observation amongst researchers. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that dogs go through puberty too and this is the age at which they are most surrendered to shelters. It might be that dog parents feel they have failed with their pup and cannot get him to behave. However, the truth of the matter is that our canine companions go through all sorts of growing phases, just like us! The more informed we are about our precious pups, the better we can handle these situations going forward.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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