Eye Boogers In Dogs - Should You Be Concerned?

Have you ever been petting your dog and noticed a slimy blob in your dog’s eye? You’ve found yourself panicking whether or not it means something serious?

It turns out that these gooey blobs, or eye-boogers, are more common then you would think. The correct term for them is “eye discharge” and can be caused by a variety of things. But the question we are all asking is what causes them and what can we do for them.

The causes of eye discharge range from small reactions to more serious conditions that require medication or even consultation with your local vet. The more common, causes are:


During seasonal changes, dogs can experience allergies just like we do. With exposure to dust, grass, and pollen, you might find your dog pawing at their eye and have a runny discharge. If you see your dog developing a rash or excessively scratching themselves you may want to consult your vet. For eye discharge and minor reactions, you can flush your dog’s eyes out with a sterile eyewash and provide your furry friend some relief.


If your dog has clear or pus-looking eye discharge, there is a chance that your dog has pink-eye. The same bacterial or viral pink-eye that we experience can be experienced by your dog too. If you suspect your dog has pink-eye, it is important to take him/her to the vet and wash your hands regularly after petting and playing. Humans can contract pink-eye from dogs, so take care of yourself too!


This is the excessive overflow of tears in the eyes. If you suspect your dog has epiphora and you notice dark stains around the eye area of your pet, you should consult your local vet just to be safe.

Some causes can indicate a more serious underlying condition and should not be taken lightly….

Watch out for Part 2.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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