Failure To Vaccinate Your Pup Can Lead To Various Health Dangers, Say Vets

Failure To Vaccinate Your Pup Can Lead To Various Health Dangers, Say Vets

All responsible pet owners know that a good vaccine schedule is a part of any healthy dog’s routine. But what happens if we miss some shots? Surely it can’t be that bad?

On the contrary, missing your pooch’s vaccine can lead to serious health dangers, both for your dog and its furry friends. Vets are warning that less and less pet owners now vaccinate their animals, perhaps inspired by the growing trend of the anti-vaccine movement.

Top vets are reporting a decrease in vaccinating owners, many worrying that vaccines may cause autism in their pets. However, according to the top experts in the country, pups are in no way susceptible to autism – and even if they were, their general behavior wouldn’t change, at least not from the owner’s point of view.

Vaccines are a normal part of maintaining your pooch healthy.

By not giving your pup his shots, you may be exposing him to rabies, distemper and hepatitis. Furthermore, you’re decreasing what’s called herd immunity, a.k.a the theory that the more dogs get vaccinated, the less chance other dogs have of catching diseases.

Rabies vaccines are compulsory for both dogs and cats under three months old.

Pet vaccines are very important for cats, as well as they are for dogs. More cases of rabies have been registered in felines in the last few years, so your kitten definitely needs vaccines too!

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