Family Drive To Shelter Then Son Adopts The Biggest Pup He Could Find!

Family Drive To Shelter Then Son Adopts The Biggest Pup He Could Find!

Travis Ulman, a young boy from San Antonio, Texas, is just seven years old, but he’s already very intelligent and knows exactly how to get what he wants out of life – even if it involves a multi-step plan to trick his parents!

Last week, just shortly after the family moved into a new home that had a huge backyard, Travis decided he wanted a new dog. They already had a rescue pup – a black Labrador named Rosie – but Travis felt that the new big yard was much too big for her to play all by herself. He mentioned this to his parents, and his mom said maybe one day they’d get Rosie a friend.

Naturally, the “one day” promise was far from enough for Travis. So he and his dad, later that night, looked through an animal shelter website and browsed the dogs for adoption. His mom had no idea what they were up to. As they looked, the stumbled upon a listing for a big Great Dane, spotted brown and black, named Lucy. Travis, who always loved spotted pets, immediately knew he wanted her – but he didn’t let his dad know.

The next day, he began demanding to be taken to the animal shelter. His parents didn’t agree at first, but Travis kept bringing up looking at small dogs and even mentioned several small pup breeds he was interested in. Eventually, they figured it wasn’t such a bad idea to let him look at some litter pups.

They arrived at The City of San Marcos Animal Shelter, and Travis skipped right past the small dogs, located Lucy’s cage, turned around and greeted his mom a Happy Mother’s Day, and said she would have to get him this dog because he loved her!

Lucy seemed a bit nervous at first, but as soon as she was out of her kennel, she warmed right up! It turned out that the pup is fantastic with kids, so it was a great match. They couldn’t resist bringing Lucy home.

Now, Lucy is loving her new home and her new sister Rosie, and she loves the hugs Travis gives her, too! She might not be a small dog, but she fits perfectly into Travis’ home – and it’s all thanks to his masterful plan and persistence.

Images & Feature Image Source: Ann Ulman

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