Family Neglects Dog Because She Chased Their Chicken

Family Neglects Dog Because She Chased Their Chicken

Not many dog parents know how to care for dogs. It is unclear why anyone would adopt a dog, only to chain them up in their backyard with nowhere to go. It is sad and pathetic.

A dog, Lady, was chained outside to her dog house by her parent. The house was a makeshift shelter, put together with some stacks of wood. You can compare the dog’s living condition to a prisoner in a jail. She was getting this bad treatment because she had chased after some of her family’s chickens.

Sidewalk Specials decided to visit the dog when they learned about her situation. However, the response they got from the dog’s parents was more than they bargained for. The dog’s parents told them to “take her, or we’ll kill her.”

The rescue team didn’t need to be told twice that they would carry out the threat, so they took the dog in.

Despite Lady’s cruel and unjust treatment from her family, she was hesitant to leave her family behind. It didn’t matter to her that she was going to a better place. She wanted to stay loyal to her family, who, on the other hand, had turned their backs on her.

Thankfully, she left with Sidewalk Specials and is now in a place where she’s getting all the love and care she deserves.

Image Credit: YouTube

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