FDA Provides Update on Jerky Pet Treat Investigation And You Have To Know This

FDA Provides Update on Jerky Pet Treat Investigation And You Have To Know This

If you’re a pup mommy or daddy, you might be aware of the ongoing investigation conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding pet jerky treats.

These treats have spawned numerous reports that they cause illness and even death in pups. The FDA has released an update regarding their investigation, which began in 2007. The FDA have received around 5,200 complaints regarding these treats, involving over 6,200 dogs, 26 cats, three people, and including more than 1,140 canine deaths.

These reports are associated with chicken, duck, and sweet potato jerky treats that contain products imported from China. However, manufacturers are not required to list the origin country of all the ingredients in their treats, so pup mommies and daddies need to be aware.


The FDA revised its Import Alert on May 11, 2016 to include all forms of poultry treats after discovering antimicrobial and antiviral residues in imported duck jerky products. Here’s the Red List of firms and products that have been newly subjected to Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE):

  • Pet Center China Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Jingwang Pet Foods, Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Myjian Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
  • Tiagnjin Shengfa Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
  • Weifang Sinogen Group Co., Ltd.
  • Yantai Yummy Pet Food Co., Ltd.

It’s important for pup mommies and daddies to be aware that jerky pet treats are not needed for a balanced diet! Other treats are readily available that have not been reported to cause any harm to fur balls. If your pup eats jerky treats and begins to show signs of decreased appetite, increased water consumption or urination, lethargy or decreased activity, vomiting, or diarrhea, please contact a veterinarian immediately! Do give this a share to alert other pup mommies and daddies.

Feature Image Source: USFoodandDrugAdmin

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