The FDA Set Standard To Force Dog Food Manufacturers To Comply With Pet Food Regulations. #AboutTime

The FDA Set Standard To Force Dog Food Manufacturers To Comply With Pet Food Regulations. #AboutTime

We’ve seen numerous reports about dog food killing dogs, it’s about time we start doing something about it. Animal protection groups have pressed for strict pet food labeling. Also, you won’t believe what came up.

According to animal protection groups, pet food should have nutrition and ingredient labels similar to the ones we have on food people eat. The FDA has therefore been requested by the advocacy groups to issue tough standards for ingredients. A senior vice president at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Kathy Guillermo, said, “Pet food should be prohibited from having ingredients taken from 4D bins. This is the term that refers to where they place the bodies of animals that are dead, dying and diseased.

See What Else Came Up When PETA Made Their Request. Finally, Some Good News For Pet Owners.

According to Kathy, parts of cattle, chicken, turkey and other animals that have previously been rejected for human use are ground up and used in pet foods. Moreover, the groups have requested the FDA to set standards that force pet food manufacturers to recall food products that are linked to illness or death in a number of animals. Although some officials are confused by the requested, we’re still to find out the outcome of these requests.

The animal protection advocates have also called for a ban on food coloring since neither cats nor dogs are affected by the color of their food. However, president and CEO of the Pet Food Institute, Cathleen Enright, said that food coloring is an issue of personal preference and that it shouldn’t be banned. She continued to state, “We need to ensure that all ingredients are acceptable for pet food. If it’s not a safety issue or health issue or nutrition issue it’s approved.

The FDA is scheduled to issue the regulations by September.

Kathy concluded by saying, “We know the wheels of the government turn very slowly and when animals are involved even slower, but it’s unfortunate it has taken since 2007 to get this rolling. I think it has been mostly left to the industry to decide what is adequate and what is proper and that’s why this is a good idea to have a federal regulation to make sure it’s consistent across the board.”

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