First 6-Legged Puppy Born Alive Is Healthy And Doing Well, Say Vets

First 6-Legged Puppy Born Alive Is Healthy And Doing Well, Say Vets

In Oklahoma City, a rare occurrence took place a few weeks ago. Little Skipper, is what the Neel Veterinary Hospital is calling a miracle puppy and the first of its kind.

This little puppy was born with six legs but is as healthy as she can be. Vets say that she has a type of confidential conjoining disorder that is commonly called monosepalous rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus. This long and difficulty pronounced name simply means that she was born with one head and chest cavity, two pelvic regions, and two urinary tracts. Along with this, she was also born with six legs and two tails.

This condition is incredibly uncommon, which leaves vets to say that she is the first dog to ever be born with a case such as this. Little Skipper’s family is grateful that she was born without too many complications. After a few days in the hospital, she was finally able to be brought home. Her family says that she is doing great so far. Slowly but surely, she is beginning to crawl around. Her vet says that her outside legs are dominant and inside legs are recessive, which means that they will most likely never work.

Currently, her family is raising funds online to pay for the countless medical bills that are sure to come with time. She also has a Facebook page that fans can follow to see her journey throughout the days. For those that are interested, donations and supplies are welcome, along with positive comments and love.

Images Source: Neel Veterinary Hospital

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