Five More Summer Tips To Keep In Mind For A Healthier Pup And A Happier You!

Five More Summer Tips To Keep In Mind For A Healthier Pup And A Happier You!

Summer – a time that pups love! It’s for exploration, fun, and play, but the heat can pose a few problems to a fur ball’s health. It’s easy for a pup to get too hot and suffer health complications.

If you haven’t seen our previous post on how to fight these issues, go do that now! If you already have, then here are 5 more ways to help your fur balls beat the heat and stay healthy this summer!

1. Don’t go off-leash. Here’s a general rule to follow – if there’s no enclosure, keep your pup on a leash. As well-behaved as a fur ball usually is, the new sights and smells of summer can be very exciting to him, and new places to explore can be very distracting. Don’t lose your pup!

2. Screen the windows. If you’re going to keep all the windows open to help ventilation, make sure that there’s no way your pup can jump out of them. With a screen, your pup gets to look outside, enjoy some fresh air, and stay safe with you.

3. Be careful when going swimming! Swimming is great way to keep cool while getting exercise, and pups naturally have a swimming instinct. However, just because a pup can swim, doesn’t mean he’ll be an ace at it! Don’t leave your fur ball unattended in a swimming pool or body of water, just in case he needs help.

4. Assemble a kiddie pool. If you can’t go swimming but want to keep your pup cool with water, set up an inflatable pool and let your fur ball play in it. A little water goes a long way in keeping a pup’s temperature under control!

5. Remember that pups can get sunburned! Fur balls with lighter coats or short fur are even more susceptible to sunburns. Not only is that painful for a pup, it can also lead to skin cancer. But don’t just slap human sunscreen on your pup! Consult a veterinarian before trying out any sunblock with him.

With these tips in mind, you and your pup are set to have a fun, worry-free summer! Don’t forget to like and share if you found these tips useful – help another pup Mommy or Daddy out!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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