Five More Tips For Keeping Your Pup’s Health In Check

Five More Tips For Keeping Your Pup’s Health In Check

In order for your pup to have a long and happy life, his health needs to be in prime condition.

As such, all fur ball Mommies and Daddies should be aware of basic preventative health measures that make your pup less susceptible to future health problems. If you missed the first part of this list, be sure to check it out here! Without further ado, here are five more tips for keeping your pup’s health in check.

1. Grooming. Pups with longs coats are always in need of a good brush and regular grooming to prevent matts in their fur, which can cause pain and irritation. Take your fur ball to a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks if their fur grows constantly.

2. Teeth. Brush your pup’s teeth every day to ward of periodontal disease, which results in infection, heart and kidney damage, and a lot of pain. It’s hard to get rid of dental disease once it sets in, so maintain those pearly whites! Use pet toothpaste and a soft brush for the task. If brushing isn’t an option, give him raw meaty bones to chew on, or opt for dental diets and water additives.

3. Bathing. Don’t bathe your pup more than once weekly unless your vet tells you to! Use a gentle pet shampoo for this job. Keep in mind that some fur balls may not need baths, and a simple fur brushing will do just fine.

4. Diet. All pups should maintain a balanced diet. Make sure to use good quality proteins and skip over cheap cereals like corn or soy. Cut back on treats with artificial ingredients, too. If you home-cook your fur ball’s food, make sure to take to a vet about meal options. Steer clear of fatty or rich foods. If you give your pup hard bones, keep an eye on them when they eat and ensure that they eat the meat off and don’t bite into the bone itself. Bear in mind that your pup’s diet affects his dental health.

5. Pet insurance. Investing in this will ultimately pay off as your pup ages, and it’s always good to have claimable cash for rainy days to ensure that you can afford the best treatment for your pup. If you don’t get pet insurance, set aside some savings for your pup. Even just a simple, no-frills dental clean for your fur ball can cost around $500, so that hefty price will be relieved by a little savings!

I hope this information was helpful to you! Remember, your pup’s health is very important for his future! Don’t forget to like and share this if you found it useful!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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