Fluffy Golden Retriever Snacks On A Piece Of Apple!

Fluffy Golden Retriever Snacks On A Piece Of Apple!

This adorable golden retriever knows that if you want to chill out in a proper way, you’ve got to have some fruits on your side too, just in case hunger strikes you know. This pup’s got to stay cool, so he picks green apples!

As pet parents we’re almost always confused as to what to give our pups and what to avoid. Since you already know that a seedless slice of a water melon is good for your pups, what about apples? Are they good? Because this pup on page 2 below, is munching on one like a boss!

Well there’s good news! According to Cesars Way, apple slices, “help to clean residue off a dog’s teeth, which helps to freshen her breath. Apples are a good source of fiber as well as vitamin A and C. Make sure to take out the seeds and the core before feeding to your dog, as these can be choking hazards.” Yep, you always have to be careful 🙂 Now go to page 2 to see this fur ball!

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Take a look at this cool dude munching a slice of green apple to keep himself occupied, healthy and full! Don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends too!

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