Foster Pup In Rehab Finally Finds A Loving Home!

Foster Pup In Rehab Finally Finds A Loving Home!

Celia was a volunteer at the Northeast Animal Shelter, Salem, Massachusetts, when she met Riley, a loving and friendly Labrador pup.

The pup was recovering from hip surgery and was in need of a foster home where he could recover, so Celia happily took him in. She expected his stay to only be temporary until a family wanted to adopt him, but it didn’t quite happen that way!

Riley absolutely loved his foster home, including his big foster doggy brother and his foster Mommy. It wasn’t long before Celia and Riley became too close to want to part ways! The pup’s charming, warm, and amazing personality won Celia over, and Celia’s kindness and patience made Riley feel happy and accepted.

They realized then that it was time to officially adopt Riley and make Celia’s house his forever home. What a touching tale! Riley is now happy, healthy, and loving every day. Don’t forget to like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Storyful

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