Frank The Dachshund Was Severely Mistreated, But Today He's The Happiest Dog Alive! So Adorable!

Frank The Dachshund Was Severely Mistreated, But Today He's The Happiest Dog Alive! So Adorable!

Frank the dachshund was severely mistreated before he was adopted, now we’ve got proof he’s the happiest pup alive! Check out how he sleeps! He’s adorable!

Although this video shows us how this dachshund jumps around and wags his tail when he’s asleep, it wasn’t always like that. The story behind this dachshund’s happiness will bring tears to your eyes, but know that today he is the happiest dog alive, thanks to a great family 🙂

The original uploader, Rafael Borges, mentioned this on YouTube, “This is Frank, a 1,5 year old dog that only wanted some love and care to be happy. Now he is so happy that even when sleeping he shows it. I did this video to show how can one change the life a being with only love and care. When my wife and I spoke with the previous owner, we were sure that he would die in a few days. He was 5 months old, no vaccines and weighted only 6.6 pounds (3 kg). By the way, the “vet” said that there was no need for vaccines.” Check this out and read the rest of the story below.

He continues to say, “When we arrived to see him, we saw that it was even worse: as the owner had no experience in dog caring, he was locked outside in a 50 ft2 (5 m2) ceramic tiles back area, fed only with adult dog food, shedding excessively and unbearable smelly. His only friend was a torn blanket. We can’t be sure, but we suspect that this mistreatment lead to the worse for him: he got totally deaf. We suspect that a overlooked infection did this to him.

When we got him, he was afraid of shadows, glimmerings, peed everything (including himself), no tail wagging and fearful. By the way, until today he runs for his life whenever he sees a broom…Now, see him enjoying his dream so much that he even wags his tail and realise that we saved a life, bringing him happiness, is moving. So please, if you can, spread the adoption idea (and this video). You too can safe a life.” In the end, please don’t forget to Like and Share with your friends 🙂 Remember, everyone needs some loving…

Feature Image Source: Rafael Borges

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