Friendly Dalmatian Adopts Little Puppy Into His Family!

Friendly Dalmatian Adopts Little Puppy Into His Family!

Rey Caquias and his dalmatian Thiago love to go for walks together near their home in Puerto Rico. In early February, the two were out for their usual walk when Thiago spotted a helpless puppy who quickly warmed his heart.

Caquias considers his dog amazing for a multitude of reasons, but the greatest of them is his kindness. As the duo was on their walk, Thiago’s attention was caught by something slightly off the path. However, his dad urged him to carry on.

Despite this, Thiago persisted in getting a closer look and diverted into the forest. Caguias quickly followed and called after him, but as soon as he caught up with Thiago, he caught the ear of small barks. When he got a closer look, he found a small puppy shrinking back as the two approached him.

The puppy was believed to have been abandoned in the forest. By all appearances, he was starved and frightened and wouldn’t survive any longer out in the forest on his own. When initial attempts were made to rescue him, the little puppy bit Caquias, so plans were made to transport him in a box.

Caquias proceeded to bathe and feed the puppy and took him to a vet for a check-up with Thiago by his side through it all. The puppy’s health improved within a matter of days and he was stronger and healthier than before.

Now the little puppy spends his day with his dad and older brother Thiago, with whom he gets along.

Caquias remarks that he is proud of his dogs and thankful to Thiago for not only saving his little brother but for giving him a better life.

Image Credit: Rey Caquias

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