Chihuahua Taunts Lab Puppy With Delicious Treat

Chihuahua Taunts Lab Puppy With Delicious Treat

This is one for the books! This Chihuahua knows exactly what’s happening. Here’s the deal.

The chihuahua has a delicious treat that naturally, the lab puppy wants too but the thing is, the chihuahua already has it and he has zero plans of sharing it. That’s not the interesting part though.

This clever little chihuahua knows exactly what he’s doing. Sure, he could just settle down on a comfy spot and eat his treat but that wouldn’t be all that entertaining, would it? Instead, he’s decided to play a little game with the new kid on the block. The chihuahua holds his treat so it’s sticking out in the puppy’s direction and keeps putting the treat right under the pup’s nose like he is inviting the little yellow lab puppy to grab it. Just as soon as the lab pup makes an attempt to grab it, the chihuahua jerks it away, only to bring it right back and stick it under the puppy’s nose once more. This chihuahua is taunting this lab!

The poor lab puppy can’t catch a break. Maybe this is a dog’s way of pulling a prank on a new family member or maybe this chihuahua is trying to get the psychological upper hand before the lab grows up, but whatever it is, this is one sneaky little dog.

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Watch the video below to see the funny Lab puppy being teased by a Chihuahua! Someone get this lab a treat and in the meantime, like and share with your friends!

Feature Image Source: America’s Funniest Home Videos

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