Gentle Dog Makes Friends With All Butterflies In The Garden!

Gentle Dog Makes Friends With All Butterflies In The Garden!

Milo was always a tender soul, even when he was just a puppy. He is always excited to help around the house, especially when his mom does some gardening outside.

The family has lots of colorful flowers and different plants attracting many butterflies. Milo doesn’t waste any time making friends with all of them.

Since Milo loves them so much a couple of years ago, his mom Jen Bennet, began to raise monarch butterflies in the garden. Milo has come to be quite popular with the butterflies too. They often land on his body and nose to spend some time with him. And he lets them stay on him for as long as they wish.

He follows the process of raising them with curiosity from little caterpillars to full-grown butterflies. He and his mom check the monarchs each morning and love playing with them.

Jen had the opportunity to capture some amazing photos of Milo and the butterflies playing together. Their garden is even often visited by butterflies from all around the neighborhood, which Milo always welcomes with an open heart.

He loves them so much and always tries to be as gentle as possible and give them protection anytime they come for a visit.

Image Credit: Instagram

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