This German Shepherd Didn't Want To Be The Only One Not Howling!

This German Shepherd Didn't Want To Be The Only One Not Howling!

This German shepherd was watching dog videos on his dad’s tablet when suddenly all the dogs he was watching started howling! His reaction? A string of confused head tilts and then howling!

So his person decided that the only way to cheer this pup up was to make him watch something familiar, how about dog videos? Yes sounds like a plan! So he put dog videos on his tablet and decided to film his reaction and suddenly he caught a string of precious moments!

So why do dogs howl? They howl at sirens, they howl at everything that makes sounds and sometimes for no apparent reason. There’s a reason to this. They’re merely following their natural instincts and howling is a way they react to sound.

They simply mimic the sounds because they feel that another dog somewhere is communicating with them! This is exactly what this adorable German shepherd thought when he heard his fellow fur buddies howling away!

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This German shepherd definitely didn’t want to be left out when others started howling! How cute can this be?! He’s definitely puzzled by where all the little howls are coming from but he doesn’t let that stop him from joining in!

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Feature Image Source: jebsrascal

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