German Shepherd And Friends Are “Helping” Their Human Work Out!

German Shepherd And Friends Are “Helping” Their Human Work Out!

Working out is hard, so some people try to get it done at home. Since gym memberships are very expensive and it can be a hassle to get there, exercising in your own living room is usually a good option – especially when the weather outside isn’t great. For people without dogs, this is a simple concept. You decide to work out, you get your stuff set up on the floor, you work out, and that’s it!

However, if you live with a dog, odds are you know how difficult it can be to work out with a dog around. If one dog makes it tough, imagine how this woman feels – she has 3 silly fur kids who are all working together to distract her from her workout! One German shepherd and two terriers – they are “helping” her…or something! You be the judge!

See the video on page 2 below!

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Watch the video below to see the hilarious shepherd and friends!

Source: Trio of dogs make it difficult for owner to workout by ElenyaHulbert on Rumble

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