German Shepherd Puppy Is Trying To Play With The Hose!

German Shepherd Puppy Is Trying To Play With The Hose!

We’ve seen a lot of videos like this one, and we can all agree that dogs love playing with hose, especially puppies! As they are exploring the great, big world they can’t help but try to figure out what this water-spouting thing is. Whatever it is, it makes for a convenient drink on a warm day!

Well, this German Shepherd Dog puppy is set to explore the hose too! While the puppy was exploring the backyard, he noticed the water hose, played with it for a moment to get a drink of water and continued exploring. There seem to be a lot of German Shepherd Dogs who like playing with the hose too. What is this about? If you have a German Shepherd, tell us in the comments if your fur kid likes playing with the hose too!

In the meantime, watch the video below to see the cute German Shepherd Dog puppy playing with the hose!

Feature Image Source: NimbleTurtles

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