This German Shepherd Will Fill Your Heart With Love...I Promise :)

This German Shepherd Will Fill Your Heart With Love...I Promise :)

This is the story of Gunny a German shepherd with so much hope in his heart and so much inspiration to give that it’s impossible not to show the world what an angel this pup is.

According to the original uploader on Vimeo, “Some of you know Gunny has Degerative Myelopathy which is similar to ALS in humans. Slowly the nerves in his spine are loosing their ability to transmit commands. Over the last 6 months his rear legs have gotten weaker.

Today we took a step to help him get around better. We bought a cart from Walkin’ Wheels and set it up. While we were prepared for Gunny to take a little time to get use to it,he surprised us all. He took off as if he had been ready to get things going.

We were able to take him for a nice spin around the park and we are beyond happy that at least today was a GREAT day. The short video is the first half minute or so right after we got everything adjusted and he was hooked into the cart.

We don’t know how many great days we have but just this one day was worth the price of admission to me.

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