Girl's Reaction To Getting A Puppy Warms The Hearts of Many On TikTok

Girl's Reaction To Getting A Puppy Warms The Hearts of Many On TikTok

One of the most heartwarming and unforgettable memories many parents have with their children is seeing them shed tears of joy after receiving a surprise gift they've been longing for.


A trending video on Tiktok shows a girl's reaction to getting a surprise she had always wanted.

The video, which has amassed views from thousands around the globe, shows the young girl in tears as she couldn't believe that her family had got her a puppy. The young girl asked if it was a joke, but are family assured her it was real.

While not every parent is excited about getting their children a dog because of all the responsibilities that come with it, there are science-backed benefits of having a dog in one's life that should make such parents reconsider. Such benefits include: 

  1. Dogs help us feel less lonely: A national survey by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that 85% of respondents minimized loneliness by interacting with their pets.
  1. Dogs promote heart health: Studies going as far back as the 1950s found that dog parents have a lower risk of mortality and lower blood pressure.
  1. Dogs keep us physically active: A British study in 2019 discovered dog parents spent nearly 300 minutes walking with their dogs every week.
  1. Dogs make us more sociable: According to research, 40% of dog parents make friends more easily.

Credit: TikTok

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