Three Labs Go Wild For Spring Break!

Three Labs Go Wild For Spring Break!

What we love about dogs is that very single dog in the world has a unique and interesting personality! Like for example, some dogs love playing fetch and other don’t. Some dogs enjoy a car drive, other don’t!

And of course water, some dogs do enjoy spending time in the water, and others don’t want to get close to it.

The dogs you’re about to see love water, all three of them! The three labs, named Jasper, Candy, and Mardi are having a wonderful time in the ocean at Yambuk Beach in Australia! They go running all around, without a care in the world until they start sprinting down the beach and their mom gets a littler nervous that they might not come back! Luckily, they do and all is well. They were just letting off some steam – it is spring break, after all!

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Watch the video below to see the dogs having fun in the water!

Feature Image Source: Littlethings

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