Golden Retriever Loves Swimming So Much, He Did THIS!

Golden Retriever Loves Swimming So Much, He Did THIS!

Nutty the golden retriever absolutely loves swimming! And if he could make a wish, he’d wish to stay near water, but since they weren’t going swimming today, he decided to use the bath tub instead!

As golden retriever parents I’m sure you already know just how much your fur balls love the water and anything to do with it! They’re natural born swimmers and they won’t miss a chance to show off their natural talent! But have you ever wondered why your golden fur ball loves the water?

According to Pedigree, “The answer is in his DNA. Goldens were bred in England in the mid-19th Century to retrieve waterfowl and game birds! You’ve probably noticed your retriever’s excitement as he gets near water. His instinctive love of water is so strong, trying to hold him back rarely works.”

Having said that it’s important to keep water safety measures in mind. Always keep an eye on your pup, whether at a beach, in a pool…or on this case, a bath tub! Take a look at this adorable video on page 2 below!

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