How This Golden Retriever Plays In The Snow Has Me Laughing!

How This Golden Retriever Plays In The Snow Has Me Laughing!

This is the story of a golden retriever who’s training to be Santa’s helper this year! He’s trying to get accustomed to snow that it’s just adorable!

Golden retriever pups, how long should they be in the snow? You might have this question if you’re a golden retriever parent and it’s pretty obvious because we care for our fur babies, right?

Well according to some golden retriever parents, their pups absolutely love the snow. According to them golden retrievers can withstand cold temperatures i.e. -25 but only for 30-45 minutes. Its obvious that if you leave them out in the snow for too long they might catch a cold.

Personally I think that we should keep our pups warm by making sure they’re wearing their boots, maybe a sweater, you know, just to keep them warm 🙂 So now check out this golden retriever who’s about to warm your heart!

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The way this adorable golden retriever plays in the snow has me laughing hard! I think I might have watched this video a dozen times if not more! Take a look and don’t forget to Like and Share this adorable post with your friends 🙂

Feature Image Source: RLScience

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