Golden Retriever Proves Dogs Are The Most Resilient Animals Around!

Golden Retriever Proves Dogs Are The Most Resilient Animals Around!

An incredibly sweet golden retriever is recovering after being found this week wandering in Lancaster, CA with awful injuries. Some residents saw the 1-year-old dog now nicknamed Fergus wandering the streets with third-degree burns on his back and brought him to the Lancaster Shelter.

The sweetheart of a golden is still wagging his tail despite everything he’s been through. After examining him, vets have speculated that someone poured a battery acid-type liquid along his head and spine. Sadly, officials report there have been other dogs found with similar injuries in the past month as well. They are searching for the person or persons who did this and offering a $25,000 reward for information on these chemical attacks. Anyone with information about the incidents has been encouraged to call Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Detective Daniel Gore at 661-940-3851 or 661-948-8466, or the L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control at 661-974-8096.

Lucky for Fergus, he is healing well and will have a much brighter future. The Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue stepped in and pulled him from the shelter upon hearing of him and they have stepped in to take care of all his medical bills and ensure he is kept out of harms way from now on.

Lucky for Fergus, he is now on medication to help manage the pain, but just looking at his face, you would never know what he’s been through. He just keep smiling, giving people kisses, and wagging that swishy tail of his at everyone he meets. No dog should ever have to go through what Fergus has been through at just one year old, but his incredible temperament is a testament to how resilient and incredible dogs can be.

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Fergus will be staying with the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue until his injuries heal and then he will go up for adoption to a loving home. You can check out SCGRR’s website for updates on Fergus and other goldens up for adoption. We are very grateful for rescue groups like this who are there to take sweethearts like Fergus in during times of need.

Watch the video below to see the full story, but proceed with caution as Fergus’s injuries may be upsetting.

Feature Image Source: launch.newsinc

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