Golden Retriever Puppies Try Out The Mini Slide!

Golden Retriever Puppies Try Out The Mini Slide!

Watch these adorable and chubby Golden retriever puppies try out the mini slide! They are all so curious about what this thing could be but one adventurous puppy tries to climb up from the wrong side!

Determination is the key and the adventurous pup sure proves this to his littermates! The chubby pup attempts his climb up the slide and moves his paws as fast as he can. Try as he might, every time he gets anywhere he slides right down again but he’s not one to give up easily. This puppy has determination!

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These golden retriever puppies are adorable and we are especially rooting for the cutie trying to climb the slide. You can do it, little one!

Watch the video below to see the golden retriever puppies using the slide!

Source: Baby golden retrievers try to climb a slide by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble

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