These Golden Retriever Pups Were Caged, Now See Where They Are After Their Rescue!

These Golden Retriever Pups Were Caged, Now See Where They Are After Their Rescue!

These adorable golden retriever pups were caged and didn’t even know what the sky was like outside. Now when you watch their rescue you’re going to jump in joy!

According to the original uploader on Vimeo, “In the largest international rescue by any rescue group in Texas, Gold Ribbon Rescue needs your help rescuing and rehoming orphaned Golden Retrievers from Turkey by sponsoring a GRR Turkey Golden.”

“Not long ago, golden retrievers were viewed as a status symbol in Istanbul and imported from Germany and England. When they became too popular, their desirability was lost and some were turned loose into the streets to fend for themselves by scavenging for food in dumpsters.”

“Others are living in overcrowded shelters in Istanbul or are roaming in the nearby forests. They range in age from six months to 10 years.
Volunteers at many Istanbul shelters worked with Gold Ribbon Rescue of Central Texas to rescue our first set of 16 dogs because they wanted a better life for the Golden Retrievers, including finding love and affection, a home to live in, and a cushion to sleep on.”

“Several golden retriever rescue groups in the US have already rescued more than 150 Goldens this year. Gold Ribbon Rescue (GRR) is joining the effort and will bring 14 Goldens to Central Texas in November.”

“These dogs range in age from 1 – 7 years and are beautiful, healthy Goldens. If you are interested in learning more about these dogs, please visit”

This is truly an incredible rescue effort from Gold Ribbon Rescue. We are so happy to know so many golden retrievers are out of harm’s way and now have opportunities to find their forever loving homes. Watch their rescue on page 2 below!

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