Golden Retriever And Labs Saved From Dog Meat Festival!

Golden Retriever And Labs Saved From Dog Meat Festival!

Two Labradors and a Golden Retriever destined to be slaughtered and eaten in a cultural festival in South Korea were saved just in the nick of time by an Indiana rescue group, Lucky Lab Rescue.

More than 10,000 dogs are killed for the Dog Meat Festival in Asia. When Kathy Martin, president of Lucky Lab Rescue, first learned of the practice a couple years ago, she knew she had to do something. Since then, she’s saved thousands of dogs and works in hope of spreading awareness about the issue. Her dream is that one day, this practice will come to an end and no more dogs will be eaten. In the meantime, she says it never gets old saving a life. This summer, she saved these three happy, beautiful dogs.

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“These dogs were supposed to be somebody’s dinner and instead they are now here in the U.S. and are now going to great adoptive homes,” Martin said. All three have been spayed and are ready to go to their furever homes. She says she doubts they will be available for adoption for very long as all three are stunning, sweet, and ready to go.

Watch the video below to see the full story!

Feature Image Source: RTV6 | The Indy Channel

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