Golden Retriever Therapy Dog Snuggles On Command!

Golden Retriever Therapy Dog Snuggles On Command!

Meet Hope, the Golden Retriever Therapy dog who snuggles on command!

This two-year-old Golden therapy dog is the latest addition at Oregon Health Science University’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Oregon. Her job is to bring joy to young patients but she just can’t help but spread joy everywhere she goes – she even brighten’s the hospital staff’s day!

Like all therapy dogs, Hope is very well-mannered. She responds to “sit” and “speak”, but her favorite command is “snuggle” and I’d have to guess it’s everyone else’s favorite too!

The children Hope visits with often aren’t well enough to get out of bed to pet her, so she’s been trained to hop up in bed and snuggle them when she hears the command, “snuggle!” She works 40+ hours a week so as you can imagine, she’s a very hard-working dog and she brings so much joy to the hospital.

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This is such a brilliant program and it seems like everyone benefits from this arrangement.

Watch the video below to see the full story!

Feature Image Source: Oregon Live

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