Good Boy Eats Mom's Lipstick And Is Pretty Proud Of What He's Done!

Good Boy Eats Mom's Lipstick And Is Pretty Proud Of What He's Done!

We all know what it’s like to find a favorite lipstick, right ladies? But it turns out we’re not alone, as one family dog proved…

Farrah Smith Weiss thought nothing of it when she placed her new lipstick down on the kitchen counter. But she was a little confused when she later realized it wasn’t where she had left it.

But Farrah is mum to a teenage boy, Dolly Rose the cat, and Murphy the dog. So it was not too unusual for items to go missing around the house. However, when she went looking for the lipstick, Farrah was dismayed to find it destroyed on the Floor! Following the bright pink footsteps through the house, Farrah eventually came to a very innocent… and very pink looking Murphy!

Wiess first noticed the pup’s pink paws as she saw him from behind.

“Then he turned around,” she said.

That’s when she saw his bright pink face! And not because he’d been caught being a bad dog. No, Farrah said Murphy didn’t even realize he’d done anything wrong. But his whole face was covered in lipstick! Murphy has a track record with this sort of thing. He’d also been at a pack of gum and Farrah’s son’s retainer that same week… Apparently, anything left on the floor is fair game in Murphy’s eyes.

So of course, Farrah’s new lipstick was no exception. But this time, Murphy truly was caught red-handed… well, red-pawed!

Images & Feature Image Source: Farrah Smith Weiss

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