Good Samaritans Save Dying Dog, Then Her Transformation Begins!

Have you experienced a situation that made you think about other people passing through the same? This is exactly what happened to Lauren Buckley when she met Brooks.

Brooks was a pup at an Alabama animal shelter. Life was grim for him, and the future was not looking brought. He was slated to be euthanized soon. Brooks’ fortune changed when he met Lauren. She adopted him, and everything changed. Months after, she looked back and couldn’t imagine what Brooks had to go through.

This made her think about many other animals facing the same problems. She also thought about people who need such companionship as she now had with Brooks. After thinking it through, she decided to foster a few animals until she could find families to adopt them. She has been doing that for almost half a decade. According to Lauren, it’s been a fulfilling experience.

In all the years that Lauren has fostered neglected animals, a recent experience stood out among the rest. Lauren was checking her Facebook last December when she came across images of a neglected dog. From the pictures, it was evident that Lainey was suffering. She had traces of bleeding all over her body. It looked horrible.

Lauren decided that she had to do something about this dog. After further investigation, Lauren got to know that Lainey was suffering from demodectic mange and secondary skin infections… She was about to transform and blow everyone’s minds…

Watch out for Part 2.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Lauren Buckley

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