GoPro On A Beagle? This Is Mind Blowing! #BiscuitTheBeagle!

GoPro On A Beagle? This Is Mind Blowing! #BiscuitTheBeagle!

What does it feel like to be a beagle for the day? Here’s what it feels thanks to GoPro! See her run!

According to the original uploader on YouTube, “I used the New GoPro Dog Fetch Mount on Biscuit the Beagle in today’s Vlog. I used the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition at 1080p for puppy vision. She raced around the block like a race horse. I then went exploring with my best friend from High School in Maryland.We had amazing Colombian food and tasted some chocolate Crêpe.” Well, check it out and don’t forget to Like and Share this adorable post with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Kevin Heimbach

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Maymo the beagle is so brave! I personally would be terrified from the scorpion, till I find out that it’s just a toy! This wasn’t the first time Maymo had to meet a strange and scary toy. More here!

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