Group Of Dog Lovers Save The Day By Tracking Down Stolen Van With 12 Dogs

Group Of Dog Lovers Save The Day By Tracking Down Stolen Van With 12 Dogs

When our beloved family members go missing or get stolen, all it takes is a few dedicated dog lovers to save the day. For Sunni Linston, being a hero wasn’t on her daily agenda.

Sunni, who is the owner of Coopers Dogpatch, a doggy daycare business in Portland Oregon, came to the rescue after something horrible happened in front of her daycare. As she was unloading her van, filled with 12 dogs including her own, Howard, she noticed that a man was making his way to the scene. She accidentally left the keys in the ignition as she was bringing the other dogs into the daycare, and before she knew it, her van filled with the 12 dogs had been stolen.

This thief not only stole the van but also had taken the 12 dogs, Sunni’s purse, and her phone. One of her employees used this to their advantage and started to track her phone, which was luckily still in the car. The two were then able to track where this dognapper had taken the van and called the police for help. As Sunni waited for the police to respond, she could only think about Howard, sitting in the front seat, and decided to take action. While she was waiting, Sunni called a few friends who dropped everything and came to help her search for and follow the van.

Sunni finally caught up to the van in the parking and pulled behind it, blocking any escape. Apparently, the thief had already fled the scene, and all the dogs inside were safe. The only thing that was taken from the van was a few hundred dollars and Sunni’s wallet, which Sunni said to be a blessing. Luckily all the dogs were safe, and these few neighborhood dog lovers saved the day!

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