Guilty Labrador Gets Herself Tangled In Garden Hose!

Guilty Labrador Gets Herself Tangled In Garden Hose!

Sam the black lab somehow managed to get herself tangled in the garden hose – and we mean tangled.

The poor, guilty Lab has been caught red-pawed. She couldn’t even cover up her crime if she tried! She must have really given that garden hose a good chewing because she somehow got it wrapped all around her so she can hardly move! Or maybe she’s just getting ready for Halloween?

You can hear her human asking, “What did you do Sam? Did you chew up the hose? Are you a bad girl?” She sure seems to be giving her best sweet, innocent face. Surely the hose attacked her – it wasn’t her fault! Right?

Continue Reading And See The Video Of The Guilty Labrador Tangled In Garden Hose Here!

Sam’s human says she’ll have to wear the hose for the rest of the day as punishment. Do you think the punishment fits the crime? Tell us in the comments below!

But first, watch the video below to see the Lab tangled in garden hose!

Feature Image Source: Kyoot Animals

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