Hairless Dog Gets An Extraordinary Makeover!

Hairless Dog Gets An Extraordinary Makeover!

Hairlessness in dogs is influenced by a variety of factors, from allergies to cancer. Paige was just a puppy when she was found in the freezing cold by a shelter worker who immediately took her in.

The pup was in poor health, with the most apparent ailment being her hairlessness. Fortunately, her once bare and inflamed skin would in turn grow hair, completely bettering her health and changing her appearance for the better.

Kristi is a worker at the Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina, who found Paige abandoned out in the cold. Once she brought her into the shelter, the pup was checked by a veterinarian who assessed that she was severely unwell with a skin condition to the extent that this was probably the direst case they ever saw.

This motivated a team effort to mitigate her pain and trauma, which involved lots of attention and care, as she had been through so much. The caretakers recall that Paige slept a lot, she would take her pain medication then fall asleep by a heater for the duration of time she spent with them. After a few days of rehabilitation at the shelter, she was taken in by Perfectly Imperfect Pops Rescue, which is a rescue group in the locale.

Nicole Kincaid is the founder of the group and upon meeting little Paige was compelled to make her feel better. Paige’s skin was medicated with creams, honey, and bandages. She wanted to sleep frequently. However, Kincaid knew that she needed more to recover and so encouraged her to move around at her own pace.

Paige knew that she had support in her recovery when, on one occasion, Kincaid hugged her tightly and told her that she had someone to fight for her and that it was now her time to fight. And fight she did. After a couple of weeks, Paige became more interactive, signaling that she was ready for a forever home and one was just around the corner. Veronica Yoshida heard about Paige from Kincaid, who knew that she was the perfect parent for her.

Not long after, Paige was given her last hug, then she went off to her forever family. Her new mom, Veronica Yoshida, follows the rescue group up on Paige’s recovery with videos of her being active and, most significantly, her hair growth. After a few months, Paige’s hair began growing back; a beautiful shade of grey soon covered her body, and she was totally transformed.

Image Credit: YouTube

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