Happy Labrador Is Entertaining Himself With...A Balloon? #SelfServiceLab!

Happy Labrador Is Entertaining Himself With...A Balloon? #SelfServiceLab!

This Labrador probably had nothing to do so he decided to entertain himself with a big black balloon! Check this out!

Dear Fellow Labrador,

I must point out that today I saw a black cloud like thing hovering over my head and so to save all my fellow Labradors, I decided to take one for the team. I tried catching the black thing, but every time I tried, it tickled my nose and flew high up and then as if it was taunting me, it flew back down. It has no sense of gravity. We must alert all other fellow Labradors to be careful, we’re not sure yet what this thing is, but it’s light, very feather-like, but it’s not a bird. Don’t bite. I repeat, don’t bite. What is this thing? Take a look at this thing and please Like me for my courage and Share this video with your friends, especially those who have pets. We have to figure this out together. Love, Well Wisher.

It’s me. I’m not anonymous, I just like to protect and stuff, so I wish well, but I’m not anonymous. You see me in the video. Just had to clear that up. Over and out.

For now.

You still haven’t Liked or Shared? Okay, I’m really off now.

Please Like and Share.

Feature Image Source: rich Ruh

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