Have You Ever Seen A Pup's Very Own Bachelor Episode? Check This Out!

Have You Ever Seen A Pup's Very Own Bachelor Episode? Check This Out!

The Bachelor is a reality TV show that has been going on for a whopping 23 seasons. But not everyone is interested in watching an all-human cast. I mean, we need some diversity up here!

That’s why when Dude, a pit bull pup, found himself in California’s Front Street Animal Shelter, staff and volunteers knew just what to do to get him some extra attention from potential adopters. They created a spin-off of sorts of the famed guilty pleasure show, calling it The Adopter!

The whole team worked hard to stuff all the cheesy tropes they could into their simple production, which featured Dude in the “bachelor” position while beautiful, glamorously dressed women clamor for his love and affection.

Going by Colton in the episode – a very stereotypical bachelor name – the pup finds himself in the center of an awkward love triangle. Then, drama erupts when one contestant for his affection throws a ball, but he doesn’t go to fetch it and bring it to her. Even more drama starts up when the women all fight over the chance to take dude on a walk, brawling over his leash.

Since the video parody was posted on Facebook, thousands of views have been amassed. Unfortunately, Dude is still patiently awaiting a new family that will win his final rose. He’s been at the shelter since November and is in need of a forever home.

Dude is a true catch of a pup, loving cuddles, providing plenty of affection, and enjoying long walks on the beach (and everywhere else). He’s a complete sweetheart and can’t wait to find his true love! If you’re interested in adopting Dude, reach out to the shelter here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Front Street Animal Shelter

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