Have You Ever Wondered How Dogs Become K-9s?

Have You Ever Wondered How Dogs Become K-9s?

Seeing police dogs is always fun for most people, and with the trials they have to come into contact with, people are left wondering how each gets picked for their job.

Becoming a police dog is sometimes an intensive process, for both the puppy and their partner. If you are one of the many that are wondering how these dogs get their spots on the force, Jeff Wagner, Police Chief, will answer the most commonly asked questions. No matter the services that police stations need, special K-9’s will always be there to save the day.

In a police station out of Minnesota, their training process is extensive. Here dogs will undergo an intensive eight-week long training camp, where a third-party company comes in for help. This company will train dogs and their law enforcement partners to fight unique crime side by side.

Sometimes, other programs can last as long as 16 weeks, but only for specific crime training. Many of these dogs that are being trained come from overseas. Many breeders are specifically breeding dogs that are fit to fight crime and can be easily trained alongside people. Before coming to the United States to get trained with a police force, these dogs are pre-trained ahead of time.

Training these dogs is very similar to the normal household dog training courses, but with more on the line. With positive reinforcement, trainers can make sure that sniffing, attacking and any other actions can be done with ease, and on instinct. Just as any other jobs, only the best make it, and those that do, will be around for a long life of service.

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