He Didn't Care That His Dad Was The President. He Wanted Attention Now!

He Didn't Care That His Dad Was The President. He Wanted Attention Now!

Most kids will learn to behave when their dads have something important going on, especially if he’s the president or has a very important role. For Misneach, this didn’t matter, because it’s all about the pets and belly rubs for him!

Misneach is one of Irish’ President Micheal D. Higgins’s pet. He’s a Bernese mountain dog, and is the Irish nation’s “first pup”. His job includes being himself with tons of treats as a reward. He has no paws in policy or politics, and quite frankly, no interest. He just loves having his daddy’s undivided attention.

Being the President and all, Higgins is a very busy man. When he’s not doing official government business, he’s likely addressing members of the media. He thought bringing Misneach along was a great idea, in hopes that he’d sit still while the press conference was going on. Boy, was he wrong.

Misneach wanted all eyes on him, and the big, fluffy pup made sure he was noticed. He didn’t care about the cameras or the press. He just wanted his attention, and he wanted it now! Higgins is used to Misneach’s tactics. Misneach began pawing at him as if he was saying, “Daddy, how much longer?” Like a true dad, he tried to ignore him, but everyone was focused on his doggy begging for attention.

The video has since gone viral and people can’t help but fall for Misneach’s cuteness and charm.

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