Heartbroken Dad Reunited With Dog He Thought Had Died In California Wildfire

Heartbroken Dad Reunited With Dog He Thought Had Died In California Wildfire

After the recent and devastating Apple Fire in California; thousands were left in distress and bewilderment at the ordeal. Local resident, Greg Skeens, saw the perimeter of his home lined ablaze. With the oscillating flames moving in, his dog Buck ran off into the surrounding hills.

Within a matter of moments, the firefighters arrived equipped to handle the menacing flames around Skeens’s home. Buck was still missing and the last time his parent saw him he was chasing after a coyote, three times the Blue Heeler’s size. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it can be helpful to put on an awareness collar or signifying item on your dog in order to make it easier to spot them in obstructive conditions such as smoke.

Consuming over 28,000 acres of land outside Los Angeles in five days, the Apple Fire was a scrimmage for the firefighters. Amid the strife, a group of Orange County firefighters discovered a dog all alone, who appeared to be lost. They then carried him to safety and gave him over to the local authorities.

A few days later, Greg Skeens had an interaction with an animal control worker; in telling the sad story, the worker conveniently aligned both the dog and Skeens accounts and made the effort to have the two reunited!

Three days later that was exactly what happened; from Skeens feeling as though he might not ever see his dog again to reuniting with Buck was truly a wholesome moment. Great thanks and cheer to the efforts of the Orange County Fire Department and Animal control workers. The individuals who retrieved the dog are on the front-lines ready for combat.

Feature Image Source: nbclosangeles.com

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