Heartbroken Mommy Had No Idea She'd Ever Get To See Her Adorable Pup Again

Heartbroken Mommy Had No Idea She'd Ever Get To See Her Adorable Pup Again

In 2016, Semper Fidelis the husky went missing. But his Mom never stopped looking, hoping to find her faithful companion once more.

Kameroun Mareas took Semper in shortly after undergoing chemotherapy one summer in the year 2013. The loyal pup entered her life when she needed him most, just as she was battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and stayed by her side no matter what. Then, in 2016, disaster struck. Mares traveled to Florida from her home in California in order to receive the treatment she needed, and Semper could not come. So her then-roommate was asked to care for him.

But a short while later, that roommate called Mares and told her that Semper had gone missing. Mares felt her world fall apart. As soon as her treatment was done, she rushed home and searched for the pup up and down, but could not find him.

Eventually, Mares needed to move to California at the end of the year. However, she didn’t give up. She rang up shelters back in Florida regularly, posted information about the pup on social media, forums, and all sorts of websites. She was confident that he would be found, as Semper was microchipped and had been registered to her number since he was only 3 months old.

But news didn’t come, and Mares was becoming more and more worried. So she reached out to Ana Campos, a private investigator, to help her out, and it wasn’t long before things unraveled. Mares, who had a lifetime registration with the microchipping company AKC Reunite, was told to double-check the chip. In May 2017, she took a trip to the humane society and it was revealed that on the 11th of April, 2016, an unknown woman had her name registered onto the chip!

As Campos soon discovered, Semper had been found and sold over Craigslist for $200. The company that had attached a new name to the chip had failed to check and ensure that no previous owner was listed on the chip. This led to a tearful reunion. Mares finally saw Semper for the first time in years, and the pup was thrilled. He jumped up and down excitedly and could not stop wagging his tail as Mares broke down in happy tears.

Now, Semper is back with Mares, adjusting to a new life in California. Mares’ cancer is now in remission, too, so things are looking up for the little family!

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