Heartbroken Pup Chained His Entire Life Finds His Forever Loving Home

Heartbroken Pup Chained His Entire Life Finds His Forever Loving Home

In October 2018, several dogs were rescued from irresponsible breeders. Among them was Odin, who had been kept chained and neglected.

Despite being an Alaskan Malamute, Odin looked nothing like the fluffy dogs we know this breed to be. He was skinny, full of wounds, nearly hairless, and had a number of cracked teeth. He was also very weak and suffered severe skin infections.

Odin was hurried to a vet and then quickly placed with a foster Mom named Sydney Schelkopf. The pup was very nervous and confused and wasn’t sure what to do, unused to the freedom of just walking around.

His foster Mom was heartbroken to see how little he knew about just being a dog. He seemed to be waiting for the secret catch to his freedom to spring up and surprise him.

After a while, Odin began to respond to toys, after a long time of not wanting anything to do with them. He began to relax around Schelkopf, finally understanding that he would not be neglected again.

Schelkopf soon realized her idea of just fostering Odin was not going to come to be. The pup loved his new home, loved snuggling with her, and looked at her with such love in his eyes that she couldn’t part with him – something Odin is definitely happy about!

Now, Odin is much healthier. He’s put on weight, gotten more fluff on him, and is much more confident.

He has some health issues to get through, but with a forever family that loves him this much, including his Mom and some new pup siblings, we know he’ll make it through just fine.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Sydney Schelkopf

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