Heartbroken Pup Cries With Joy When He Reunites With His Loving Dad After 3 Years

Heartbroken Pup Cries With Joy When He Reunites With His Loving Dad After 3 Years

Losing a pup is a heartbreaking experience. When you know they’re still somewhere out there, sometimes, the lack of closure and endless disappointed hope can be even more painful.

It was three years ago that Jorge the pup went missing from his home, located in Tbilisi, a city in Georgia. His Dad, Giorgi Berejiani, was devastated. He searched everywhere for his precious pup, asking friends, neighbors, and other people to keep their eye out for his pup.

But 2015 turned to 2016, and 2016 to 2017. With each passing month in the quickly adding up years and zero clues to show for it. Berejiani slowly began to wonder if it was time to give up. Eventually, he had no choice but to throw in the towel – there was nothing more he could to find his beloved pet.

And then, there was a fresh glimmer of hope. Staff with a local business had long learned of Berejiani’s plight and his lost pup. Then, they spotted a dog tagged by the city, which meant he was a stray. Still, they couldn’t help noticing that the pup matched the description that Berejiani provided. So they decided they should give the man a call, just to be sure.

Berejiani hurried over to the location. He had no idea if this truly was Jorge, but he couldn’t help hoping. Then, he met the pup, and the moment they saw each other, there was no doubt remaining that it was his pup, after all.

This video captures the beautiful moment that these two long lost friends were able to find each other again. Berejiani couldn’t stop smiling and Jorge’s cries and whines indicated he was thrilled to finally see his Dad again.

We may never know what happened to Jorge and what he has been through in the past several years, but he has likely been holding out with the hope that he would find his way home again – just like Berejiani himself.

Images & Feature Image Source: Giorgi Berejiani

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