Heartbroken Pup Gets Abandoned At Shelter For A Reason You Won't Believe

Heartbroken Pup Gets Abandoned At Shelter For A Reason You Won't Believe

When most people aim to welcome new life into the world, they don’t then seek to kick another life out to make room for it. Unfortunately, that is what the previous family of Rocco, a 3-year-old German shepherd, did to him.

Rocco was abandoned because his family was going to be having a baby, and he was left at Dallas Animal Services, Texas. And he was terrified. He sat in the corner of his kennel, shaking and wishing he was anywhere but there. The pup already looked underfed and was more than 15 pounds underweight, so he had likely been neglected for a while.

Seeing his gentle, scared self, a visitor to the shelter decided to record a video of the pup and post it online to seek a rescue organization that could give Rocco some extra TLC. That’s when a foster with the DFW German Shepherd Rescue named Preethi Pillaipakkam stepped in to save him from the stressful shelter environment – an atmosphere that only harmed him.

Pillaipakkam brought Rocco into her car, and the pup was nervous as ever. He hid beneath the seat and paced around anxiously. For a few days in his foster home, the pup was shy and concerned. He would walk in small spaces and eat, but was ultimately confused as to why he was here, and not with the family that abandoned him so heartlessly.

Thankfully, that weekend, with Pillaipakkam’s care and the help of a fellow foster sibling, Rocco began to emerge from his shell. Now, he continues to become more cheerful and outgoing. He likes playing with toys – especially squeaky ones – and chewing on bone treats. He loves being on the sofa or in his bed and plays fetch wonderfully – and he likes following his foster Mom everywhere.

Countless adoption forms have poured in for Rocco and although his home isn’t certain yet, we know he will be placed with a loving family soon. In the meantime, though, he is getting all the love and care he needs!

Images & Feature Image Source: Preethi Pillaipakkam

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